Secrets and Tips to Win at Online Blackjack


Do you love playing blackjack online but just can’t win??? Read what the winners are doing to tip the odds on their favor and win at online blackjack. Read and understand the concept behind these tips, and start winning!

So here goes…


Do the Math…

Before heading out to the  Blackjack table, it is imperative that you learn the Math behind the game. It’s all about probabilities, and figuring out your chances of winning every hand is essential, to know the smart play to make based on the probable outcome. Sounds intimidating? Don’t worry,  it’s easier than you think. Let’s get started and work on the Math.

In a single deck, there are 52 cards. You already know the 2 cards you are holding + the dealer’s open card (2+1=3 known cards) That means there are still 49 cards left (52 cards – 3 cards you know the value of)  that you don’t know the value of. Now, to compute the probability of a certain card being pulled by the dealer, you need to figure out how many of that value is still left in the deck, and divide it by 49. Sound complicated?? Don’t worry….let me show you.. and put everything in action!

If the dealer has a “4” and you were given a “6” and a “6” (6+6=12), you might be tempted to “HIT” in order to be close to 21.  But, provided that the next card is not “10”,  you have a 16/49 ( “12+4” divided by “49” number of cards left) or 32.65% probability to receive a “10” card and bust. You have a low probability of going BUST! So should you “HIT” ??? …WAIT…hold your horses..

Let’s check the dealer’s hand first. The dealer also has a 32.65% of going BUST. But here’s a little almost all versions of online Blackjack, the dealer will have to “HIT” unless they have a “17” in hand. Yes…and since the most the dealer can only have in this situation is “15”, then he has to “HIT and has a 40% probability of going BUST. So what do you do? It is better then to  “STAND” because the dealers has a higher chances of going BUST. Wow, that was easy right???


Apply what you just learned and start playing  Blackjack for Fun


The probabilities vary depending on how many decks are in play. Make sure you take note of that. Most online Blackjack  games are played using 4 to 8 decks of card. What if you can’t do the Math? You hate it in high school and you still do! Well, there is an easy way. We have a 4 to 8 deck Blackjack Cheat Sheet Strategy Chart that tells you when to “HIT” or  “STAND”.


Get our Blackjack Strategy Chart now and start playing Blackjack for Fun


Pay Attention to Every Hand…

In online Blackjack, the dealer shuffles the deck after every hand.  Be sure to pay attention because the previous hand has no bearing whatsoever on what you have in front of you. You may want to change your game plan or your betting style when things are not doing well, but it is advisable to stick to your game strategy is better in the long run.


Never, Never Follow the Dealer…

There is a misconception that the dealer is a good player, and so we must play like he does. WRONG!!! The dealer is playing for the bank, and the dealer has rules to follow. In most versions of online Blackjack, the dealer must “HIT” on soft “17” (such as Ace + 6) and keeps going until he gets to a  hard “17” or BUSTS!. He also can’t Double Down or Split. Therefore following his lead wouldn’t be your best chance of winning or maximizing your profits.



Know the Value…

Players may have the luxury of having some options that the dealer doesn’t have. An Insurance Bet Option may be presented when the dealer shows an Ace. While in some instances it maybe a good strategy to use, there will be situations when it won’t offer the maximum value. In an  insurance bet, the player can wager 1/2 of their original bet, and it pays out at 2/1, if the dealer gets a Blackjack. While some players may find the option appealing, if the dealer doesn’t have Blackjack, the Insurance bet is lost. And going back to the previous probability, if the dealer has a 32.65% of getting a “10” card, the chances would even go lower if the player holds 0ne or two of the “10” card in his hand already, then the Insurance Bet Option just doesn’t give value and is not worth taking.


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